Artist Statement

My work draws upon many influences including personal history, memory, artistic references to expressionism, social realism, historical painting, and specific content ideas grounded in social, historical, and/or political events. 

Whereas much of contemporary visual storytelling is linear and narrative—think of graphic novels or the progressive cuts in a film—my drawings are synchronous. The narrative elements are all present in the same space and interacting with each other as a part of a non-linear whole, creating a very different kind of visual experience. The drawings evolve through an improvisational process where my intuitive experience and creative mark-making continually re-shape and re-form the images. 

As I develop and re-work the overall image, I am very concerned with the integration of the black/white/grey of the composition and in particular, the shaping and reforming of the “white” space, as positive feature in the entire composition. Ultimately, the formal elements of figure/ground and form volumes must achieve an aesthetic whole—the image builds itself through intuitive response to previous markings, and in the give and take it must achieve a satisfying cohesion.

Ultimately, I consider the drawings “landscapes of the mind” that blend elements of memory, history, contemporary events, and intuitive impulse.  As in the old Abstract Expressionist idiom, “the work talks to me”—it is a complex, dynamic process.